Peter Fribbins
The music of Peter Fribbins combines a gift for melody, drama and passion with a direct and clear musical style. Born in London in 1969, he won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music, subsequently studying at Royal Holloway and Nottingham University, and with Hans Werner Henze in London and Italy. His works are regularly performed nationally and internationally, including the US, Canada, Eire, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, China, Japan and Australia.
Philippe Graffin performing the Violin Concerto
with the Berlin Kammersymphonie, conducted by Juergen Bruns
Fribbins’ music thrives on a host of extra-musical resonances and references, including poetry, painting and the historical, and his music appeals both to audiences and musicians who enjoy playing his work. As the Czech musicologist and critic Miloš Pokora wrote following a performance by the Rosamunde Trio at the Rudolfinum in Prague: “As one of the group of English composers primarily striving to develop the compositional line pursued by Britten and Tippett, he has the matchless gift of melodic invention and a sense of dramatic agitation... His compositions create the impression of straightforward communicativeness and are extremely popular and sought-after.”
The London premiere of the Violin Sonata at the Estorick Collection, with Alberto Bologni

Many pieces are available on recordings, particularly on the Guild, Sheva and Resonus labels, including the orchestral works Capriccio, the Piano Concerto (recorded by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) and Soliloquies for Trumpet & Strings. The Violin Concerto, incorporating a fragment of a Purcell pavane as an idée fixe, and premiered by Philippe Graffin and the English Chamber Orchestra in 2015, was issued on a highly acclaimed recording [hyper-link] by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, conducted by Robertas Šervenikas, in 2017.
“This refreshing recording… brims with vitality and clear, sinuous melody. It’s an immediately engaging and satisfying addition to the violin repertoire… it’s in his new Soliloquies for trumpet and strings, superbly played here by Christopher Hart, that Fribbins’s gift for long, searching and euphonious melody is most on display.” – The Observer

Recording of the Violin Concerto with Philippe Graffin (right)
and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, conducted by Robertas Servenikas (centre)
Fribbins’ string chamber works include two quartets, I Have the Serpent Brought (after the poem ‘Twicknam Garden’ by John Donne and recorded by the Allegri Quartet) and After Cromer (recorded by the Chilingirian Quartet), as well as two piano trios – the latter titled Softly in the Dusk after a poem by D.H. Lawrence and premiered at the Wigmore Hall in 2007. The Cello Sonata was recorded by its dedicatees, Raphael Wallfisch and John York, and the Sonata for Solo Violin premiered in Florence by Alberto Bologni, subsequently recording it for Sheva in Milan. Dances & Laments, premiered in France in 2010, is a widely-performed duo for violin and cello, and ‘…that which echoes in eternity’ (after Dante) is available in versions for violin or cello and piano. There is also a Quintet for Clarinet and Strings (in the repertoires of the Allegri, Solaris, Barbirolli and Afiara quartets), and the hauntingly beautiful Fantasias for viola and piano.
The US premiere of the Cello Sonata by Dave Eggar and Olga Vinokur
in the ‘Bargemusic’ series in New York

Chamber works for wind include the wind quintet In Xanadu (after Coleridge), and the dramatic Flute Sonata Porphyria’s Lover (after Robert Browning) – recorded by Nancy Ruffer and Helen Crayford. There is also a Brass Quintet, premiered by Onyx Brass, and the mixed septet The Zong Affair – after the evocative 1840 painting ‘The Slave Ship’ by William Turner.
Keyboard works include the Nocturne for piano (recorded and widely performed by Alessandro Vena), the Prelude & Fugue for organ after the hymn tune ‘Cromer’ and a number of smaller piano pieces, including the celebrated A Haydn Prelude – written in 2009 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Haydn’s death and dedicated to the British composer John McCabe on the occasion of his 70th birthday. Published in an anthology of pieces by six other British composers (Haydn Fantasies, Music Haven), it achieved worldwide recognition as a supplement to the International Piano Magazine.
Premiere of ‘Haydn Fantasias’ at the Presteigne Festival. Front: Huw Watkins (piano) and John McCabe.
Back, from left: Peter Fribbins, George Vass (Festival Director), John Hawkins, David Matthews,
Matthew Taylor, Hugh Wood, Alan Mills, James Francis Brown

"...The composer’s distinction from many of his contemporaries rests principally on his willingness and ability to communicate: his music has clarity of expression and a post-Beethovenian resonance, often giving an illusion of Romanticism. Unusual chords characterise the music and beguile the listener; rarely are they detached altogether from some tonal source, yet this tonality is frustrated at most turns..."- Dr Christopher Dromey

In 2019, the Soliloquies for Trumpet and Strings will receive its German premiere at the Berlin Philharmonie, performed by Kammersymphonie Berlin with trumpeter Soeren Linke and conductor Juergen Bruns. In November, cellist Sebastian Comberti and the London Mozart Players give the world premiere of the Cello Concerto in London. In Avignon, Philippe Graffin, Amy Norrington and Marisa Gupta will give the French premiere of ‘Softy, in the Dusk…’

The Italian pianist Alessandro Vena gives the Austrian premiere of the Nocturne in Vienna, and Alberto Bologni performs the Violin Sonata in London. Peter Fribbins is delighted to be one of the featured composers in the Hertfordshire Festival of Music in June, with four of his works being performed.
Sheva 192
As well as a composer, Peter Fribbins is Artistic Director of the celebrated Sunday series of London Chamber Music Society concerts, resident at Kings Place. In 2017, he was made Professor of Music at Middlesex University.
After the German premiere of the Violin Concerto (from right to left): Peter Fribbins; the British Ambassador to Germany,
Sir Sebastian Wood; his wife Mrs Sirinat Wood; the conductor of Kammersymphonie Berlin, Jürgen Bruns;
the South Korean Ambassador to Germany with his wife.


The UK première of ‘Dances & Laments’ at Kings Place (Graffin & Demarquette).

The work was premiered in France in the remarkable venue of the abandoned
World War II German submarine base in St Nazaire.

Peter was delighted to be awarded the medal of the town for the gift of the new commission!




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